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21 Jan 2018

I can't breath but I don't feel the need to

Can't sense anything anymore

A strange tranquility

Something broke inside of me.

I'm giving up

Here me! See me! Feel me !

No expression on your face

Here me! See m...

11 Sep 2017

Enemy inside, I always try to resist,
A part of me, has the right to exist,
I'm not an empty shell anymore,
A blooming seed forevermore.

A mistake to be stronger than ever,
A full human existence forever,

27 Aug 2017

You live as if you were eternal

Led by the fear of evil

give your hands so they can tie them

Running, Running in circles

Is this what you want?

Living, living delusions

Are you really alive ?

Get back in line, fo...

27 Jun 2017

I know you're afraid

That you don't want to see

This fire burning inside of me

You're loosing control, loosing control...

You're fading away and I won't save you

So I'm watching you

Fading away, away from me


26 Sep 2016

In the darkness I'm waiting to,

fix your pain and save your honnor.

In the light I'm watching you,

trying to live without the truth.

I'm your pain breaker,

fighting for your world to be better.

I'm your pain bre...

26 Sep 2016

No matter what I'm trying,

I'm still sufficating.

I should have run from you,

but I don't want to.

Spellbinding, controlling, destroying me!

I shot you down,

release me from your hold.

I give up on you lies.

I sho...

26 Sep 2016

How can you stay so cold,

about all I have told ?

You don't care about me,

and never told me why.

All this time spend to cry,

how stupide I can be

You don't care about me,

and never told me why.

You don't need to...

26 Sep 2016

I tried so hard to survive now,

in a world which brings me sorrow.

'cause everything that I do,

reminds me so deeply of you.

All the pain and all the fear,

Rise your night before my dawn.

But in my head I still...

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